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The project „Portret of an activist is her mirror“, supported by Reconstruction Women’s Fund, is a public space intervention, initiated as a critique of the politics of public space, which is determined by the dominant patriarchal, masculine system where a lack of visibility of female voices and thinking can be percived. The idea of the project is the transformation of the public space of Belgrade and its enrichment with figures of women who contributed to the development of art and culture, women’s empowering and indipendence, political strugle for women’s rights and rethinking the position of the woman in the world. With this project mirrors with the outilne of an activist, philosopher, feminist, scienties and/or an acress whit one of her quotes that states requestioning the position of the woman in the society, were installed in the streets of Belgrade. The fact that passers-by see their reflaction in the mirror with the particular outline and quote is pointnig out that women who influenced any of the mentioned fields aren’t distant, foreign or forgotten, but that their thought are still relevant; the woman on the mirror, a feminist, can be any woman in the mirror.



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