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Art Department gathers group of creative people engaged in the field of arts, cultural production, visual arts and media, all of whom approach these fields either as direct producers or as scholars. Art department`s goal is to promote art, media and cultural production as strong, relevant and necessary agents in the processes of critical cultural and social reflection of our times. Art, media and cultural production are platforms whereby political transformation could be enacted and democratic and open modes of distributions of sensible and common life could be en staged and envisioned.

Department accomplishes its goals by means of fostering and organizing cultural events, public actions, creative interventions in public spaces, exhibitions, as well as by initiating and opening reflective spaces whereby different media, cultural and art practices and phenomena can be discussed, debated, problematized and analyzed. Art department is also focused on monitoring and advocacy in the field of cultural policies, democratization of media landscapes and participatory and collaborative urban planning.

Activism and advocacy department is dedicated to in-depth analysis and reflection of hegemonic strategies and methodologies in different activist struggles for equality, justice and diversity while setting its specific interest in politics of minority, including queer activism, feminist activism, human rights struggles for inclusion and equality of ethnic and racial minorities, etc.

For the purpose of achieving its goals AA Department bases its action and work strategies on mobilization of wide and non-exclusionary networks of different stakeholders, social and political actors and activist groups, as well as cultural workers and scholars from different disciplines.



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