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Gabrijela Ivanov

Gabrijela Ivanov was born in Zadar in 1976. She is a computer engineer who advocates for strategic, socially useful utilization of information-communication technologies. She is an idealist who works in the field of gender equality and media culture. She believes in the importance of personal revolutions and the power of their synergy. She works and lives in Zagreb, and is the founder and coordinator of the Space of Gender and Media Culture K-Zone association, and main editor of the Vox portal.


Hana Grgić

Hana Grgić was born in 1988 in Požega, Croatia. Graduated journalism at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Zagreb and finished educational programme at the Center for Women's Studies in Zagreb. Since the summer of 2012 she is one of editors at Libela - a feminist portal about gender, sex and democracy issues. Also, she currently works as a project coordinator at the Ombudsperson for Gender Equality. Member of several feminist and activist groups and initiatives. Lives in Zagreb.


Svjetlana Knežević

Svjetlana Knežević has an M.A. in journalism from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb. She is a member of the editorial staff at Libela – a portal on gender, sex and democracy. She is a longtime editor and radio show host – presenting topics pertaining to human rights and activism – on the Expanding the Area of Struggle show on Radio Student. She coordinates the Ready to Work initiative which works on the status of young women in the work force. Svjetlana mostly focuses on issues pertaining to gender, class and activism.


Tiiiit! Inc.

Tiiiit! Inc. is a little flame of excitement shared by three girls from Skopje who want to enjoy the city they live in. Prvo pa Žensko (First Child Is a Girl) is their most precious brainchild and a unique (and one of a kind in Macedonia) festival with the goal of rethinking the meaning of 8th of March, the International Women’s Day, by placing it in a current context. By opening new space for creative expression, opportunities for networking and exchange of knowledge, the Festival creates a new space to question, rethink and advocate for the improvement of the position of women in our contemporary societies. They are driving through on their new project Intimate Maps of Female Cities - a radio show, broadcasted live from a moving car, set to happen in all Ex-Yugoslavian capitals. They have already mapped Skopje and Zagreb... Belgrade seems to be a great next stop.

Jelena Višnjić

Jelena Višnjić, MPhil, Gender Studies (University of Belgrade). Currently, she is working on her PhD thesis at the University in Novi Sad. She is one of the founders and editors of the festival of feminist culture and action BeFem, a lecturer and associate at the Centre for Women’s Studies, Belgrade and a feminist activist. Her main areas of research are gender studies, media studies, culture studies, and the anthropology of popular culture.



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