2014 Proceedings

Stanimir Panayotov and Ana Koncul (Eds.), Proceedings from the Summer School for Sexualities, Cultures and Politics 2014, Belgrade: IPAK.Center, 2015.

The following texts have been written by a range of talented young scholars, artists and activists. We consider the first issue of the SSSCP Proceedings a great contribution to a wider body of research conducted within the field of cultural studies overall, but also to queer theory/politics/practice, gender studies, media and studies of the body. What differentiates this collection from others is a delicate balance between personal journeys and academic adventures that authors have taken upon. The first edition is also of invaluable importance and an immensely relevant input to a regional political and cultural struggle to embrace otherness. We would even go as far as to claim that the present collection represents a fresh and daring contribution to the inert regional academic production and a useful, empowering tool for various sorts of activist and artistic endeavors.

Stanimir Panayotov and Ana Koncul (Eds.), Proceedings from the Summer School for Sexualities, Cultures and Politics 2014, Belgrade: IPAK.Center, 2015.

​Stanimir Panayotov and Ana Koncul
Note from the Editors

Steph Schem Rogerson
Queer Archives

Claire Finch
Mutating France’s Queer Territories

Antonina Anna Ferrante
In Drag We Trust: Normative Drives and Homonationalism in RuPaul’s Drag Race

Thomas Muzart
Pornography Must Be Defended: Rethinking Pornography with Lionel Soukaz

Marius Henderson
Tentative Heretical Notes on Queer “Necro” Practices and Sensibilities

Jennifer Vilchez
Hard to Swallow: Porn Star James Deen’s Arousing Work and Young Women’s Fandom

france rose
[ the space in between ]: The Power of Contemporary Art to Reimagine Gender

Mónica Guerreiro
Intense, Animal, Imperceptible: Vera Mantero’s a mysterious Thing, said e. e. cummings* as a Queer Dance Solo

Anna Wates
Grieving as Political Action: Contesting Austerity Politics through Narratives of Loss in the Disabilities Rights Movements

Melisa Slipac
When a Woman Loves a Woman: Lesbian Love and Homosexual Desire in Ajla Terzić’s Novel Mogla je biti prosta priča (Could Have Been a Simple Story)​





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