2015 Proceedings

Proceedings from the Summer School for Sexualities, Cultures and Politics 2015

Mirjana Stošić and Stanimir Panayotov (Eds.), Proceedings from the Summer School for Sexualities, Cultures and Politics 2015, Belgrade: IPAK.Center, 2016.

Mirjana Stošić and Stanimir Panayotov
Note from the Editors

Dimana Ivanova
On Some Aspects of the Lyrical Subject and his Queer Identity in Czech Decadent Poetry, with Comparisons

Looi van Kessel
Perverted by Literature: Rethinking Sexual Identity in the Works of James Purdy

Enrico Petrilli
New Maps for a Known Territory: Early Exploration of Club Studies and Epistemology of the Night

Zhanar Sekerbayeva
Cyberbodies: Hybridization and Rethinking

Anna Kurowicka
Asexual Affects: What Abjection, Anxiety and Shame Have to Do with Asexuality?

Duygu Ula
Ayşe Loves Fatma: Female Homoerotic Intimacy and the Public Space in Nilbar Güreş’s Photography

Luciana Moreira Silva
Queering Spanish Families: Friendship as a Transgressive Network among Lesbians




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