Eligibility and Tuition


  • Applicants should be postgraduate students (preferably MA or PhD students or younger researchers) interested in exploring the issues of gender, queer, cultural studies, media studies, philosophy, political studies, visual arts and humanities and related areas. However, outstanding BA students are also considered and have the chance to enroll.
  • We especially welcome applications from independent scholars, cultural workers and artists.
  • Applicants from all countries are eligible to apply.


  • All applicants should fill in the Application Form (available online at www.ipakcentar.org)
  • Paper abstract is optional. If you wish to deliver a presentation, post your abstract in the Application form (appr. 250 words max.) for a presentation not exceeding 15 mins.
  • Maximum number of students delivering presentation: 32 (maximum 8 presentations per afternoon session). Please indicate in the application form whether you wish to deliver a presentation or not by simply posting your abstract or ignore if not applicable.


  • Students who deliver presentations will receive 4 ECTS, applicable on MA or PhD level at participants’ home universities.
  • Students who choose not to deliver a presentation will receive 2 ECTS, applicable on MA or PhD level at participants’ home universities.
  • ECTS are given according to FULL attendance of the school’s programme (open lectures included).


  • Applicants from Central and East-European (CEE) countries studying at universities within CEE1 : 220 Euro (no discount applicable).
  • Applicants from Europe and worldwide: 310 Euro (discount applicable).
  • Singidunum University students: 70 Euro (no discount applicable).
  • Former SSSCP students are offered 15% tuition fee discount (origin notwithstanding).

1For the purpose of this call, the following countries fall under the term: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland.

  • Note that we offer 15% discount if the participant applies in the first application deadline.
  • The fee covers tuition, lunch, study materials during the school, and certificate.
  • Free internet.
  • Coffee breaks.
  • Arrangements for accommodation, transportation, visa (if needed) and other expenses should be arranged by applicants on themselves. Recommendations for accommodation in Belgrade will be provided to admitted participants on a later stage. The organizers are ready to assist with visa arrangements in special circumstances.


  • Deadline 1 (early applications, 15% discount):
    ✓ March 25th / selection results by March 30th / payment due April 15th
  • Deadline 2 (regular applications, 5 % discount):
    April 25th / selection results by April 30th / payment due May 15th
  • Deadline 3 (late applications, No discount):
    May 25th / selection results by June 1th / payment due June 15th


If an applicant admitted as participant in the summer school wishes to disenroll, he or she is entitled to 80% of the tuition fee paid provided that the organizers are properly informed not any later than one (1) month before the program of the summer school commence.

If you fail to do so, we will be unable to reimburse your paid tuition fee.





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