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GIZ project “Municipal Waste and Wastewater Management - IMPACT” (GIZ IMPACT), in its approach of supporting, in cooperation with the MoAEP, pilot municipalities in Serbia in setting up sustainable waste and wastewater management systems at local level, is driven by the application of the concept of circular economy in practice. However, relevant institutions, stakeholders and general public is not fully or at all familiar with the concept and its advantages. Thus, the project will focus intensively on promoting the idea of circular economy at different levels. A first step in bringing the topic to the highest level discussion in the country will be made in a two-day Conference “Circular Economy and Waste Management: Challenges and Perspectives for the Republic of Serbia” which will take place in Belgrade on 19-20 March 2015 in the scope of the ECO-EXPO Fair.

For that purpose IPAK Centar prepared promotional materials which will be part of its campaign throughout the overall project duration, but also will be used in the scope of the above mentioned conference.

Production Team of IPAK centar produced a short animated video which explain the connection between recycling and circular economy as well as graphical design with a slogan.





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